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Θέμα: Εκλεισε το Tinypic

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    Ibiza Mania Hollow_83 Avatar
    Ημ. Εγγραφής
    Jan 2006

    Προκαθορισμένο Εκλεισε το Tinypic

    Εκλεισε tο δημοφιλες photo hosting και μαζι του
    πηρε εκατομυρια photos και πολυ πιθανον να βαλει
    σε μεγαλες ταλαιπωριες μεσαια και μικρα forum που
    βασιζαν το ιmage Hosting τους σε αυτο.

    Tinypic is no longer accepting uploads from international locations, and links are turned off. If you have content on Tinypic, you can still view the URLs and the content, but only on Tinypic. To upload, share, or link content, please go to Photobucket.com to register an account. You will need to upload your content again to your Photobucket account, but you will be able to share and link your images and videos. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you enjoy Photobucket, our premier image and video site. Click here for more details.

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    Προκαθορισμένο Εκλεισε το Tinypic

    Speak to the point



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